Everyday coaching programme

What you can expect

Everyday coaching is an interactive, bite-sized and virtual programme providing you with the time, space and support to master essential coaching techniques.

Four two-hour sessions will take you through the process of adopting, testing and sticking with a coaching approach.  The basis for programme content is our Everyday Coaching model which assembles the building blocks for routine and natural coaching, not only for the manager but for employees as well.  It will be punctuated by micro coaching practice conversations – with peers on and off the course and your team members.

8 hours of learning with continuous access to a bespoke learning portal for resources, tasks and community PLUS Peer coaching will take place between the sessions

Three elements of the programme will run all the way through:

The Leadership Challenge

The Coaching Challenge

Bringing you together with up to sixteen colleagues to master essential coaching techniques

Personal Best Portal

The Coaching Portal

Your go-to source for learning materials, links and connection to everyone involved with the programme

Peer Coaching

Peer Coaching

You will be paired with a colleague throughout the programme to support and challenge each other’s learning

4 x 2 hour sessions

These sessions will bring together the whole group for collective learning, using practical activities and experiments, interactive quizzes, self-assessments, digests of current thinking and research evidence, case examples and video analysis.

Peer Coaching

Peer coaching is an effective technique for tapping into this phenomenon and will be an integral part of your PB Leader experience with time set aside for 1:1 work with a colleague in each session.

Coaching Portal

Last but not least is our bespoke online portal which will become your go-to place for materials, updates and communication throughout the programme.


This everyday coaching programme is for a maximum of 16 delegates (minimum 10) and costs £350 per person plus VAT

For more information, please contact info@passe-partout.com or complete the form below:

If you are interested in having an everyday coaching course for your organisation contact us below

Passe-Partout’s coaching offer draws on our work since 1998 with over 5,000 employers

Passe-Partout coaches work with the client as a whole person, connecting performance to personality, physical to mental health, and motivation to context. We’re great at finding the best ways to make coaching accessible and affordable.

Our Current Programmes

Peer Coaching:

Undoubtedly the simplest way to enable people to receive and benefit from coaching which offers both support and challenge

Action learning facilitator training:

Action learning (or problem-solving in groups) has long been one of our favourite learning methods – it is such an effective way of building collective confidence in the face of challenge and uncertainty.

Now we offer an accredited programme to enable new facilitators to master the art of taking a learning set from start-up to self-sufficiency.

In the moment coaching:

Who says coaching needs an appointment for an hour or more? We offer techniques to help managers spot the opportunities to provide the support or nudge their people sometime need; and the skills to manage these conversations in a way that builds trust and commitment.

The sensitivity of horses can be channelled to unlock profound insights in a way that traditional human to human coaching can’t match.

Our herd works with individual leaders, teams and people with mental and physical health issues to build their ability to engage and build strong relationships.

What our clients say about us

"I really enjoyed my time with Alex. Sometimes when I thought I didn’t have time and was rushing to get tasks done, these sessions helped to give me focus and direction. Really Valuable."

Coaching client- Developer

It’s well understood that coaching has been one of the fastest growing development methods in recent years.

But perhaps less widely appreciated is the extent of innovation we’ve seen in coaching and mentoring, with new techniques for team coaching, micro coaching and reverse mentoring adding huge value for people and organisations. At Passe-Partout, we take pride in being at the leading edge of coaching and mentoring practice, and in offering our clients many great ways to benefit.

Through our network of 24 qualified and experienced coaches we are able to provide tailored coaching to satisfy just about every need in Executive, Management and Team coaching

To date we have helped establish over 50 internal coach, facilitator and consultant networks, for clients ranging from British Gas to Queen Mary University of London. We have also set up coach supervision schemes and multi-disciplinary mentoring networks.

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