Welcome to the world of Integral Development Coaching
– where transformation knows no bounds!

Embark on a coaching experience like no other

Picture a coaching experience that doesn’t just address isolated challenges but revolutionizes every aspect of your life. Our approach is the epitome of holistic coaching, seamlessly weaving together personal, professional, and interpersonal dimensions. It’s not just coaching; it’s a journey towards unparalleled growth and empowerment.

You’ll discover the power of integral development, where your unique strengths and goals converge to create a life that’s not just successful but profoundly fulfilling. Say goodbye to the ordinary, and embrace a coaching experience that’s as extraordinary as you are! 

Whether you’re a first-time coachee or a seasoned coaching veteran. Our approach stands out, promising a transformative journey that defies the ordinary.

To guide you through this exciting venture, we’ve crafted a concise guide to kickstart our journey together. Get ready for a coaching experience that breaks the mould and propels you toward unprecedented growth and success!

Starting out – The intake meeting and programme design

Embark on a transformative coaching journey with our personalised intake conversation, a dynamic meeting lasting 90 minutes to 2 hours. Dive deep into a discussion about you, your current situation, and the specific focus for your coaching journey.

At our core, we believe in integral coaching—embracing the entirety of who you are. Our approach goes beyond the confines of a singular topic, recognizing that life and work are interconnected. Expect our intake conversation to explore various facets of your life, even beyond your chosen coaching topic. Whether your focus is on work or extends into your broader life, our integral approach ensures a holistic exploration.

As our coaching relationship unfolds, we may delve into diverse perspectives, including insightful questionnaires, conversations with those around you, and even observational insights from your daily life. This multifaceted understanding helps craft a bespoke development program that spans exercises, practices, readings, and other activities, seamlessly complementing our ongoing conversations.

Experience coaching that transcends boundaries, providing enduring outcomes across diverse domains. Ready to uncover the extraordinary possibilities within you? Let’s embark on this journey together.

What makes it a coaching programme?

Imagine your coaching journey not as a mere solution to a problem but as a profound opportunity for enduring personal development, where the realm of possibilities expands in a lasting way. Distinct from consulting or performance coaching, where the focus is often on fixing immediate issues or enhancing performance, integral coaching is a transformative experience. While problem-solving and performance improvement naturally emerge, our primary focus is on cultivating new and enduring competence. This competence empowers you to skillfully navigate and creatively address what matters most to you.

In our coaching sessions, we not only enhance your skills in addressing your chosen topic but also work on fostering self-correction and self-generation. We aim to leave you not only proficient in your current challenges but also equipped to skillfully tackle future opportunities that may arise.

Our coaching goes beyond occasional conversations; it’s a meticulously designed coaching program tailored uniquely for you. These programs unfold over several months, recognizing that sustainable change and learning require time. We engage frequently, meeting approximately every three weeks on average, providing ongoing, attentive support to ensure your development takes deep root. Ready to embark on a transformative journey toward enduring excellence? Let’s create a coaching program that resonates with your unique path to success.

Conversation, observation and practice

Uncover the most significant opportunities for learning and development not just within our conversations but in the consistent actions you take between each session. Our carefully curated program introduces two key elements to support your ongoing growth.

Firstly, engage in self-reflection exercises designed to sharpen your observational skills. Become an acute observer of yourself and your surroundings, gaining firsthand insights into the dynamics of your coaching topic. These exercises foster essential skills in observation and reflection, crucial for stepping into new realms of competence. Often, skillful observation alone can unveil numerous possibilities previously unseen.

Secondly, embrace tailored practices aimed at building specific competencies relevant to your coaching topic. These activities, woven into your routine, are where real, lasting development unfolds. Some practices may directly apply to your current situation, including conversational techniques that enhance existing relationships. Others might involve developing competence in a parallel context. For instance, if your goal is to speak confidently in front of groups, the program might invite you to take up a discipline like aikido, fostering the bodily competence of being grounded and stable. These practices are a customized response to your unique journey, aligning with your goals and directly supporting your development.

How we make development possible

And so, a coaching  programme has three central components, which run through the duration of our work together and often beyond:


Regular coaching conversations between you and your coach


Self-reflection exercises, intended to support you in paying attention in new ways


Practices intended to support you developing new competence and the ability to take new action. 

Streams of competence

Most often, developing in this way, requires working on a number of different kinds of competence.  Most people are skilled already in some of these, but will have neglected others, and it is in the development of the areas in which we have less skill that the most enduring support for our intentions is often achieved.  Some kinds of competence you might cultivate during this programme are:


The capacity to understand a domain intellectually and identify possibilities for action, makes accurate productions and foresee potential breakdowns or difficulties.


The ability to initiate and sustain mutually satisfying relationships, to listen deeply and to communicate profoundly with a wide variety of people. Also, the ability to compromise. See the world from different points of view and be supportive to others’ intentions.


The ability to discern your own emotional states and those of others, even when they themselves may be oblivious to it or denying it. Includes the ability to stay present and available in the midst of emotional events, be they yours or others.


The ability to observe what is happening in your body e.g. energised, tired, heavy, vibrant etc and to include it usefully in your understanding. Being able to tap into a perspective that may be different from what is going on intellectually or emotionally.


The ability to see how what you are to is part of something larger than yourself, your company, your profession. This involves cultivating, wisdom, insight and understanding of what is at stake in the commitments and projects you take on.


The ability to eliminate all the ways you compartmentalise your work and life, so that your commitments, learning and values are present in all your words, thoughts, actions and relationships.


You might have questions you would like to ask about what we have said above. We will be delighted to address any of these.