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Welcome Back

It's going to be wonderful working with you again

Personal Best Revamped

Remember the days when Personal Best (PB) was our favourite programme?

We created a thriving community of over 3000 individuals who reaped the numerous benefits it offered.

Then came the era of Covid, and the world underwent a profound transformation.

But here’s the exciting news—Personal Best is making a comeback, and it’s more relevant than ever in a world where individual employees face unprecedented pressures.

New Innovative Features

Introducing our world-class learning platform! Personal Best Mark 2 incorporates a state-of-the-art learning environment where materials, links, videos, quizzes, and tasks are seamlessly organised in one place. Participants can relax; everything is served and easy to access – just as it should be.

New Integral Development

We’re embracing an inclusive and comprehensive approach. The word "integral" signifies a commitment to being comprehensive, inclusive, non-marginalising, and embracing. Our Integral approach to Personal Best attempts to include as many perspectives, styles, and methodologies as possible within a coherent view of tackling your Personal Best Goal.

Then came the era of Covid, and the world underwent a profound transformation.

But here’s the exciting news—Personal Best is making a comeback, and it’s more relevant than ever in a world where individual employees face unprecedented pressures.

New Tailored Solutions

Addressing the unique challenges of today, Personal Best Mark 2 offers tailored solutions to support individual well-being in a rapidly changing world.

New Community Reinforcement

Our community is growing stronger. Connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and thrive together.

PERSONAL BEST in a nutshell

The Personal Best programme is an employee development package, put together to help each participant achieve a high impact breakthrough in their work or personal life. There are three main elements to the programme:

Senior Sponsorship

A full day's training for senior sponsors and internal coaches to prepare them for their critical role as active Personal Best champions


Up to three virtual meetings will be booked with the internal coach, who's role is to help participants agree and achieve their goal


There are four half-day (three hour) workshops during the programme; deliverable online or face-to-face

Personal Best is a unique employee development programme, put together to help each participant achieve a goal which matters to them. This could be a work-related goal, or to do with something outside work – the only requirement is that participants must identify at least one of these goals – which we will call Personal Breakthrough Goals. 

There are two main elements of Personal Best designed to support participants to achieve their breakthrough goal. 


The coach’s role is to help participants agree and achieve their goal. He or she will get in touch with each participant at the start of the programme to set up a planning meeting. Two further virtual meetings can also be booked with them during the programme. And at the end of the programme the coach will meet with the participant one final time to review their progress.


There are four half-day workshops during the programme. These can be conducted face to face or virtually depending on your preference.

Participants are expected to attend all of them and will stay with the same group of colleagues throughout.

The approach...

When a brain surgeon operates, the first thing he or she has to do is to “map” the brain of the patient. This involves applying tiny electric currents to different parts of the brain to understand which feelings and actions each part stimulates. 

It might be thought odd (and perhaps inefficient) that this brain mapping exercise has to take place for each patient – after all, an experienced surgeon ought to know which parts of the brain connect to things like sight, leg movement or hearing music. 

But that is the point – every brain is different. To understand how anyone thinks, walks and talks, it is necessary to understand their unique brain map. 

Personal Best has been designed on this principle – that everyone is different, and what works for one of us, may be totally ineffective for someone else. 

The Benefits

To the organisation:

Helps raise levels of engagement, wellbeing and productivity.

To the individual

Achieving a personal breakthrough at work or outside work which will increase personal fulfilment.

The Audience

The programme is voluntary and open to any employee not in a management role. The programme can be delivered to cohorts of up to 20 people at a time.

The Outcomes

It will be important to agree on specific expected outcomes from the programme, both for the organisation and the learners:

these may relate to indicators of:

  • Satisfaction with the programme
  • Engagement with the organisation
  • Productivity improvement in specific teams/service areas.

 although outcomes will be personal and will vary widely it will be useful – particularly for those involved in delivery – to anticipate the kinds of personal breakthrough the programme can support.

Elements of the programme

That will run all the way through

Personal Breakthrough goal

You're encouraged to identify a breakthrough goal at the beginning of the programme. 90% of people achieve their goal by the end of the programme.

The Portal

Your go-to hub for learning materials, links and connection to everyone involved in the programme. This will include the facilitators, coaches and delegates all in one place.


You will be paired with a coach throughout the programme to support, enrich, and challenge your learning.

Breakthrough Goal

At the heart of the Personal Best is the idea of helping individuals experience a genuine breakthrough, whether it’s in their work or personal life.

This breakthrough goal isn’t just a checkbox; it’s something that truly matters to the person. It’s a goal that not only transforms their own life but also has ripple effects that resonate with the people who know them well. It’s about connecting personal dreams with the things that make a difference not just for oneself but for those close to them, making the journey not just a personal one but a shared and meaningful experience.

Personal Best Portal

Personal Best Portal

Last but certainly not least among the crucial elements in the Personal Best formula is our dedicated online portal. This user-friendly platform is poised to be the central hub, serving as the go-to place for a wealth of materials, timely updates, and seamless communication channels throughout the entirety of the program. This digital space is designed to enhance accessibility, fostering a dynamic and interactive environment that facilitates a smooth and enriched experience for all participants.


Learners will embark on a journey of up to three meaningful virtual meetings with our dedicated internal coach.

This friendly guide is here not just to navigate but to truly connect with you on a personal level. Together, you’ll collaboratively explore, define, and work towards your goals. The role of our internal coach is more than a facilitator; it’s about fostering a supportive and encouraging partnership. Through shared conversations and tailored guidance, you’ll not only set but also achieve goals that resonate deeply with your aspirations and aspirations of those who matter to you.


What our customers say 💗

Personal Best Foundation
Personal Best Foundation
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"I can honestly say, it’s the best course I’ve attended and feel that the learning points will be something that I will always remember and be able to use in my work and personal life. Thanks Gareth, you were a brilliant facilitator."
Personal Best Foundation
Personal Best Foundation
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"Absolutely brilliant course with many eye-opening and potentially life changing parts to it. I’d recommend anyone and everyone to participate in this programme"
Personal Best Foundation
Personal Best Foundation
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"The coaching aspect is very rewarding, and I enjoyed all the sessions with my coach, as well as the programme. In short thank you for providing this course. It has been very rewarding for me"

Face-to-face or virtual training
YOU decide

Personal Best can be delivered both virtually or face-to-face. Our expert facilitators have been trained in the latest technology for blended virtual delivery. You can opt for face-to-face training without worry, as we are equipped to go virtual for you last minute if government guidelines change.

For more information on the benefits of both delivery styles see below:


Access to online facilitation with an experienced facilitator for each module


Access to all course materials through your own social portal (videos, audio, PDF downloads)


One to one support throughout the programme


Our classroom-based training courses have been carefully designed to ensure the highest possible quality of learning.

get in touch for more information 🙂