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Management Coaching & Mentoring

The Level 5 qualification in Management Coaching and Mentoring is for practising middle managers and those aspiring to senior management who want to improve their management coaching and mentoring skills. It will help you identify the links between management coaching, mentoring, and achieving business objectives.

Qualification Benefits

For learners
  • Develop management and leadership development skills
  • Understand coaching and mentoring practices
  • Improve skills as a coach and mentor, as well as a manager and leader
  • Enhance skills in influencing, relationship management, employee engagement and wellbeing support
For organisations
  •  Develop a skilled workforce, actively using coaching and mentoring skills in the workplace
  • Build internal coaching capacity
  • Equip managers with the coaching skills and confidence to empower, motivate and build trust in their teams

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Awarding Body: Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

Training Provider: Passe-Partout Consulting Ltd (Approved CMI Centre)

Eligibility: Suitable participants would have some previous informal coaching experience OR work in a role where coaching could be a significant element of their work (management, advisory or consulting)

The Level 5 programme is equivalent to degree level ...

…and is designed for developing management coaching and mentoring skills, helping you to identify the links between coaching, mentoring and the achievement of business goals.

The structure of the programme has been designed to provide participants with a solid foundation in coaching knowledge, skills and experience, catering for different learning needs with the following key features:

Content covered

Module one - starting to coach

Part A

  • The value of coaching – exploring the ways in which coaches can help
  • Key coaching principles
  • The coaching cycle
  • Coaching with TGROW – extended practice session with the best known coaching model

Part B

  • Chemistry – meeting your coachee, building rapport, assessing readiness, contracting
  • Coaching modes – an overview of the types of coaching on offer
  • Being an internal coach – case examples of organisational coaching

Module two - key coaching skills

Part A

  • Honing your skills – short, practical exercises to develop high level skills in conversation management, observation, use of silence, challenging and re-framing
  • Overview of alternative coaching models

Part B

  • Coaching for behaviour change – spotlighting the influence of cognitive behavioural therapy and positive psychology on coaching
  • Managing your own responses and behaviour as a coach – including an exploration of clean language

Module three – the coaching relationship

  • Building the relationship – contracting and re-contracting, gaining and maintaining trust, developing self-efficacy
  • External influences on the coaching relationship – considering the impact of work relationships, events and organisational culture
  • Ethical dilemmas – analysis of real challenging coaching scenarios

Module four – coaching applications and impact

  • Coaching modes revisited – analysing the benefits and drawbacks of alternative coaching modes including coaching networks, peer coaching and manager as coach
  • Evaluating coaching – methods of gauging effectiveness and impact, at individual and organisational levels

Action Learning sets

These have a dual focus:
  • Providing a forum for participants to reflect in confidence on their coaching practice
  • To support the planning and completion of the assessment requirements
  • Open programme Summer 2023

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    The cost of this qualification per person is £1227 plus VAT. This includes: –

    • Delegate workbook and material
    • Tutor facilitation
    • One to one support
    • One year’s student registration with CMI
    • Assessment, verification and certification

    Benefits when joining

    We have put together a comprehensive package to help you to succeed in both gaining a qualification and accessing knowledge that will help you in your day-to-day role.

    Access to all course materials ​

    videos, audio, PDF downloads

    Access to online facilitation ​

    with an experienced facilitator for each module​

    One to one support​

    Continuous telephone and email support will be made available to participants plus face to face meetings if required in the run up to the submission of the management report.

    CMI Membership

    Membership of the Chartered Management Institute which includes the benefits of being part of a professional Institution for management and leadership