An immersive and comprehensive programme designed for
executives, directors, and those aspiring to directorship.

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Welcome to our Executive Leadership Programme

A pioneering initiative meticulously crafted for organisations seeking to nurture directors and aspiring directors.

Anchored in the bedrock of behavioural science and devoted to fostering empathetic leadership at its core, this comprehensive programme transcends conventional leadership development. It provides organisations with an immersive experience designed to elevate their executive leaders to unprecedented levels of excellence.

Whether cultivating seasoned directors or grooming future leaders, our programme serves as a strategic cornerstone, equipping organisations with the insights, skills, and visionary mindset essential for navigating the intricate challenges of executive leadership. Join us on this transformative expedition where the fusion of behavioural science and empathetic leadership shapes a dynamic organisational culture, setting the stage for unparalleled growth and enduring success.


Five+ interactive masterclasses

From insightful expert input and strategic video analyses to comprehensive case studies, hands-on practical exercises, and pioneering experiments, each session is thoughtfully curated.

The programme unfolds through structured debates and collaborative group discussions, creating an energetic and interactive organisational learning environment. Emphasizing frequent opportunities for organisational reflection and peer coaching, these sessions are designed to not only inform but also transform, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging learning journey for your entire team.

We understand the complex differences between organisations’ needs. The programme blueprint below is simply a guideline; find out more about our bespoke design process.

Masterclass One

Inspirational leadership
Empower organisational leaders to maximise their impact. Explore the facets of inclusive leadership, fostering an environment where diverse voices thrive. Delve into the art of building Emotional Intelligence (EQ), a crucial skill for effective leadership, and strengthen your resilience in the face of dynamic challenges. In this masterclass the fusion of visionary insights and practical skills shapes inspirational leaders, poised for enduring impact in their organisations.

Masterclass Two

Strategic and Entrepreneurial Leadership
Unravel the art of strategic thinking and techniques, guiding organisational leaders to distinguish between good and bad strategy. Learn the intricacies of bringing strategy to life, transforming plans into dynamic actions. Explore the cultivation of entrepreneurial cultures within organisations, fostering innovation and adaptability. In this masterclass we equip leaders to navigate the complex landscape of strategic and entrepreneurial leadership with finesse and foresight.

Masterclass Three

Influencing and relationship management
Delve into the nuances of cultivating meaningful connections. Discover the power of positive influence, honing skills that resonate within organisational dynamics. Navigate the terrain of successful negotiation, equipping leaders with the finesse to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. Additionally, explore strategies for building a robust professional network, a cornerstone of effective leadership. In this masterclass we empower leaders to master the dynamics of influence and relationship management for organisational success.

Masterclass Four

Leading change
Unravelling the secrets of successful organisational change, providing leaders with the insights and tools to navigate transformative journeys seamlessly. Delve into the art of driving behaviour change, a crucial skill in steering teams towards a collective vision. Explore the complexities of changing a culture, understanding the nuanced steps required for lasting organisational evolution. Empowering leaders to champion change and cultivate a dynamic and adaptive organisational environment.

Masterclass Five

Talent Management
This session covers the entire spectrum of talent management, from selection to exit, equipping leaders with the skills to build and sustain high-performing teams. Uncover the dynamics of the team value proposition, strategically positioning teams for success. Explore the art of succession planning, ensuring organisational continuity. We delve into the senior manager's pivotal role in coaching and mentoring and introduce the innovative approach of whole team coaching. Empowering leaders to unlock the full potential of their teams through effective talent management.

Specialised learning components

These will be a key source of learning during the programme, using a variety of methods including:

  • Tutor input
  • Video analysis
  • Case study review
  • Practical exercises and experiments
  • Structured debate
  • Group discussions

The style of these sessions will be energetic and interactive, building in frequent opportunities for personal reflection and for peer coaching.

Experience the pinnacle of executive coaching with our distinguished Director, Alex Taskin. As a seasoned leader with a wealth of experience in executive roles, Alex brings a unique blend of strategic insight and empathetic leadership to the realm of executive coaching. His personalised approach is designed to unlock the full potential of executives, fostering a transformative journey towards leadership excellence. Through tailored guidance, behavioural science principles, and a candid and caring coaching style, Alex empowers leaders to navigate challenges, enhance self-awareness, and drive impactful organisational change.

Everyone on the programme will undertake a Gallup StrengthsFinder online self-assessment (20 minutes). Designed to help you learn how to do more of what you naturally do best and help unlock your potential in every facet of life.

A peer debrief during the first module will provide a snapshot of the team’s collective strengths.

After completing Modules 1, 3, and 5, delegates will engage in Action Learning Sets designed to synchronise thought and action. This transformative experience thrives on cultivating an open, inquisitive mindset—best achieved through active listening, thoughtful questioning, and the exploration of ideas. These sessions are an opportunity to harmonize thinking and action, fostering a dynamic blend that propels new leaders toward success.

Fostering Lasting Behavioural Change: The portal goes beyond traditional learning, championing the continuity of behavioural change. It serves as a dynamic hub for learners to share and delve into concentrated on-the-job experiences. Participants engage in a vibrant exchange of best practices, fostering reflection, collaboration, and networking, drawing inspiration from the impactful activities of their peers.

This on-the-job assisted learning ecosystem, seamlessly facilitated by the portal, redefines the educational landscape. By tapping into real-world experiences, it significantly diminishes the reliance on classroom time, offering a transformative approach that reduces the need for in-person sessions by up to 60%.

In embracing this innovative platform, not only do you enhance the value for money invested in learning but also cater to diverse learning styles. It’s a comprehensive solution that propels learners towards sustained growth while fostering a community where knowledge is not just acquired but actively shared and applied.

🏎️ Driving Leadership Excellence 🏎️

At the executive level, our programme is a beacon for next-generational leadership, anchored in the principles of behavioural science, vulnerability, and empathy. Embracing purpose with a candid and caring approach to directorship, participants discover that effective leadership is about driving excellence through genuine connection.

In the ever-evolving landscape of executive leadership, we understand that success transcends traditional actions; it centres on authenticity, fostering a culture where vulnerability is strength and empathy is a cornerstone. True leadership lies in a candid and caring approach, nurturing talent, and creating a culture of belonging and inclusion within the organisation.

Explore the powerful influence executives hold, understanding that individuals follow leaders who authentically contribute, forging a reciprocal relationship. Elevate your executive leadership legacy in a future where authenticity, vulnerability, and empathy drive next-generational leadership excellence.

What our customers say 💗

Executive Leadership
Executive Leadership
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"I have been on a lot of courses in my time and personally, I took on everything Ant was saying and could relate to it all. one of, if not the best training sessions I had been on in my 22 years of training."
Executive Leadership
Executive Leadership
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“Thanks to you all at Passe-Partout for the great teaching sessions and more over the past year. It was quite inspirational how yourselves. incorporated your coaching ethos into all the sessions, the assessments and more. Truly walking the talk."
Executive Leadership
Executive Leadership
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“I just wanted to say thank you so much for facilitating an excellent programme. I have learnt so much from the taught sessions, the discussions, Action Learning sets and executive coaching.”

We’ve made the decision to fix our prices to support local businesses. You’ll see no increase in price from 2022.

Executive Leadership is for a maximum of 16 delegates (minimum 12) and starts at £20,325 +VAT  

  • 35 hours facilitated masterclass learning
  • Executive coaching 90 mins x10 sessions
  • 9 hours facilitated Action Learning
  • Gallup StrengthFinder Assessment
  • 12 months access to resources, tasks and community
  • Lifetime access to Passe-Partout alumni group

Make it stick

Learning is for life! Keep up the momentum!

Not only do you have a direct line to your facilitator throughout the programme via your online portal, this resource is available to you for the whole year. You also get lifetime access to our alumni group and an open invite to our regular 6 weekly leadership support circles. INCLUDED!


12 month access to all of the resources from your programme, including the community of peers. #NoGatekeeping!

Leadership Support Circles

Every 6 weeks we bring together leaders across the country for a free bitesize session. As alumni you can join anytime, from anywhere.


Get involved in pioneering research

You'll get opportunities to be a part of future and ongoing research we conduct and get first dibs on Whitepapers in your field.


Join the Passe-Partout alumni group for regular updates on the world of coaching and management.

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