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The first step towards driving results through learning

Passe-Partout Bespoke Design is a hands-on and proven approach that will lift your learning to new heights. Together, we will curate a practical framework that’s designed to facilitate business alignment, build trust, and deliver measurable impact.

This isn’t just programme design – it’s a partnership to align your learning initiatives with your company’s strategic objectives and set the stage for performance improvement.

Who should be involved?

Anyone who can provide insight into your organisations performance. From directors and board members, LD and OD leads, to line managers and aspiring leaders.

How much time will we need to invest?

Interviews with key stake holders: 30 minutes each.
Live Buildathon: 3-hours.

Secure important buy-in from stakeholders by delivering L&D efforts that distinctly address the organisations needs. Looking to inspire a remarkable uplift in participant engagement and business performance? Are you ready to transform the way you train?

By partnering with Passe-Partout you will:

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What kind of course can we produce?

We specialise in leadership, wellbeing and coaching. Our bespoke approach can be applied to any initiatives.

Who should be involved?

Anyone who can provide insight into your organisations performance. From directors and board members, LD and OD leads, to line managers and aspiring leaders.

How much time will we need to invest?

Interviews with key stake holders: 30 minutes each.
Live Buildathon: 3-hours.

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What does it cost?

Costings vary depending on the size and needs of the programme. Design is billed at a daily rate.

Bridge the gap between training and business

Designing a bespoke programme for your organisation serves as a powerful bridge, connecting learning initiatives with your business goals.

By tailoring the programme to your specific needs, it ensures that the learning directly addresses the skill gaps and challenges hindering your organisation’s progress. This alignment between learning and business objectives enhances the relevance and applicability of the programme, enabling your leaders to acquire the precise knowledge and skills required to drive meaningful change and achieve strategic goals.

As a result, bespoke design ensures that learning efforts translate into tangible outcomes, fostering a direct connection between learning initiatives and the success of your organisation.

We believe that a personalised approach is crucial for maximising the impact of learning and ensuring its alignment with your organisation’s strategic objectives.

Darren O’Conor
Director / Change consultant

Unlocking potential through bespoke design: harnessing the power of tailored solutions

The bespoking journey

Milestone 1: Assessing Organisational Needs:

At the heart of creating a bespoke leadership programme lies a thorough assessment of your organisation’s specific needs. We begin by conducting a comprehensive analysis to identify the gaps and challenges within your leadership landscape. Our experienced team utilises a range of methods, including surveys, interviews, and performance evaluations, to gather valuable insights.

By understanding your organisation’s goals, culture, and unique challenges, we can tailor a programme that addresses your specific requirements.

Milestone 2: Defining Programme Objectives:

Once we have assessed your organisation’s needs, we work closely with you to define clear and measurable programme objectives. These objectives serve as the guiding framework for our bespoke leadership development programme. We collaborate with key stakeholders within your organisation to ensure that the objectives align with your strategic goals and address the identified leadership gaps effectively.

We use thorough methods to identify leadership development gaps, such as Buildathons*, surveys, interviews, performance indicators.

Milestone 3: Designing the Curriculum:

Our team of experts designs a customised curriculum tailored to your organisation’s leadership development needs. The curriculum encompasses a comprehensive range of topics and learning experiences to provide a holistic and engaging learning journey for your participants.

We incorporate a mix of leadership theories, practical skill development, interactive exercises, case studies, and real-world scenarios to create a dynamic and impactful learning environment. Our aim is to equip your leaders with the knowledge, tools, and techniques necessary to excel in their roles and drive organisational success.

Milestone 4: Selecting Learning Methods:

Choosing the right learning methods is essential to ensure the effectiveness and engagement of the leadership development programme. We offer a variety of learning methods that can be tailored to your organisation’s preferences and requirements.

Our learning methods include:
  • Classroom Learning: Interactive sessions conducted in person or virtually, allowing participants to learn from experienced facilitators and engage in discussions and group activities.
  • E-learning: Online modules and resources that offer flexibility and self-paced learning opportunities for busy professionals.
  • Coaching and Mentoring: One-on-one guidance and support from experienced coaches or mentors, tailored to the individual needs of participants.
  • Simulations and Role-playing: Immersive exercises that simulate real-life leadership scenarios, allowing participants to practice their skills in a risk-free environment.

We work closely with you to determine the most suitable learning methods based on your programme objectives, participant preferences, and logistical considerations. A blended learning approach that combines multiple methods can be employed to enhance the learning experience and cater to different learning styles.

Milestone 5: Implementing the Programme:

Implementing a bespoke leadership development programme involves careful planning and coordination. We take care of all the logistics to ensure a seamless experience for both participants and your organisation.

Our team assists with scheduling learning sessions at convenient times and arranging suitable venues or virtual platforms for delivery. We also handle participant enrolment and communication, providing pre-programme materials to ensure participants are well-prepared and excited for the programme.

During the learning sessions, our expert facilitators create a supportive and engaging learning environment, encouraging active participation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. We prioritise open communication and feedback, allowing participants to voice their thoughts and address any questions or concerns that may arise.

By overseeing the implementation process, we strive to make the entire experience hassle-free and impactful, enabling your organisation’s leaders to embark on a transformative learning journey.


        (noun)  /bɪldəˈθɒn/   BILL-duh-THON

—an innovative design method that brings together the key stakeholders of an organisation to collaboratively shape their leadership programme.

This engaging event gathers a diverse group of participants, including HR, Organisational Development and Learning and Development teams as well as managers, delegates, board members, directors, and team leaders.

Through a series of thought-provoking discussions, breakouts and votes, we ensure we have comprehensive insights into the organisation’s needs and goals. By harnessing the collective expertise and perspectives of all stakeholders, we craft a truly bespoke learning programme that aligns with the client’s vision and business objectives. 

Join us in this dynamic and inclusive process, where every voice counts, and we co-create an exceptional learning journey together.

🧩 Bespoke programme elements

Just like puzzle pieces that interlock perfectly, our programmes ensure a seamless fit between your requirements and our exceptional offerings.

Captivating full-day, half-day, or bitesize sessions led by industry experts. These masterclasses serve as the central piece of the puzzle, and where we begin with design, delivering insightful knowledge and practical skills.

Discover the missing piece of self-awareness through our meticulously customised psychometric assessments. Gain valuable insights into your teams strengths, preferences, and areas for growth.

Collaborate with peers in facilitated Action Learning Sets or train your leaders to facilitate in-house. These purposeful interactions enable your people to solve complex challenges and enhance their problem-solving skills.

Participants support each others development. These interactions serve as another piece of the puzzle, offering diverse perspectives, guidance and support.

Our experienced executive coaches provide individualized guidance and mentorship, helping you achieve remarkable growth at work and in life.

Earn recognised accreditation through our CMI and CPD affiliations. Accreditations validate yours and your people’s expertise, setting you apart in your field.

Our user-friendly e-learning platform provides convenient access to a wealth of resources and materials. Seamlessly fit the e-learning into busy schedules and learn at your own pace.

Reinforce the learning with interactive quizzes that test learner knowledge and consolidate the learning you’ve acquired along the way.

Access engaging video content that complements your learning journey. These visual pieces bring concepts to life and enhance your understanding.

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