A programme for intermediate management,
supervisors, specialists and team managers.

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Welcome to the Next Level: Unveiling our Effective Leadership Programme designed exclusively for middle managers. This isn’t just a programme; it’s a strategic journey meticulously crafted based on intensive research into the challenges defining the managerial landscape in 2023-2024.

We understand that the role of middle manager comes with unique intricacies, and that’s why our approach is as individual as your organisation. Through a tailored and bespoke process, we address the specific hurdles that middle managers often encounter, ensuring a smooth evolution into advanced leadership.

Why is this significant? Because at this level, you’re not merely a manager; you’re a catalyst for cultural transformation. Our programme not only equips managers with essential skills but ignites a passion to drive your business forward continuously. Join us in elevating your leadership ecosystem, transforming your organisational culture, and charting a course towards unparalleled success in the dynamic landscape ahead!

Masterclass One

Next generation leadership
Prepare for an immersive exploration into the realms of effective leadership tailored for middle managers. Uncover the essence of good leadership as we delve into the drivers for change, guiding you to harness your unique strengths as a leader. This transformative session propels you through the evolution of leadership thinking, culminating in a deep understanding of the demands and nuances of 21st-century leadership.

Masterclass Two

Advanced coaching and mentoring
This session navigates the intricacies of coaching and mentoring, providing a deep understanding of these transformative practices. Immerse yourself in a dedicated coaching module, exploring the renowned TGROW framework and honing essential coaching skills. Uncover the role of a manager as a coach and witness mentoring principles in practice. The session culminates in a dynamic peer coaching exercise, fostering a collaborative environment where middle managers can actively apply and enhance their coaching and mentoring expertise.


Influencing and relationship management
Uncover the intricacies of organisational culture through cultural web mapping, gaining insights into its influence on performance management. Develop the art of giving candid and caring feedback, a crucial skill in fostering a positive workplace atmosphere. Explore post-pandemic expectations and engage in meaningful conversations about health and wellbeing. This masterclass equips middle managers with the tools to shape a thriving organisational culture that fuels both individual and collective success.

Masterclass Four

Change management
Establish a comprehensive context for change as you delve into the intricacies of appreciative inquiry, fostering a positive approach to transformation. Confront and understand resistance to change, unlocking the key to smooth transitions. Immerse yourself in innovation stories and priorities, exploring the dynamic interplay of the innovation process and culture. This masterclass empowers middle managers to embrace change, fostering an environment where innovation thrives and becomes an integral part of organisational evolution.

Masterclass Five

Getting the Best from Individuals and Teams
Dive into the art of knowing your people, cultivating a deep understanding that forms the foundation for effective leadership. Uncover the characteristics that define high-performance teams and master the nuances of intelligent performance management. Navigate the intricacies of leading diverse teams and embrace the challenges and opportunities presented by the multi-generational workforce. This masterclass equips middle managers with the strategies and insights needed to inspire individual excellence and foster collaborative success within their teams.

Five interactive masterclasses

Delivered by industry experts and backed by cutting edge behavioural research.

The Middle Leaders Programme is crafted exclusively for seasoned professionals, delving into five enriching masterclasses designed to elevate their leadership capabilities.

Tailored for middle managers seeking to excel, each masterclass unfolds a unique aspect of leadership mastery, this programme is a compass for navigating the complexities of leadership.

Delegates will immerse themselves in cutting-edge insights, global best practices, and strategies finely tuned to the challenges faced by middle leaders. Elevate their leadership journey and unlock your organisations fullest potential with our Middle Leaders Programme.

Unlocking Leadership Excellence 🔓

Unlocking effective leadership for Middle Leaders involves embracing purpose, humility, and vulnerability—crucial elements in a future that values humanity.

In the dynamic leadership landscape, Middle Leaders quickly discover that success surpasses mere actions; it hinges on cultivating a distinctive leadership identity. Beyond titles, authentic Middle Leadership thrives in nurturing talent and fostering a culture of belonging and inclusion within the organisation.

Delegates embark on a transformative journey where leadership is defined by its impact on others, transcending mere authority. Recognise the influential power that Middle Leaders hold, understanding that followers are drawn to positive contributions and a reciprocal relationship. Elevate your Middle Leadership legacy as we navigate a future where authenticity reigns supreme. Join our Middle Leadership Programme to chart your course in the evolving leadership paradigm.

The programme’s four primary components ensure learning that sticks…

Everyone on the programme will undertake a Gallup StrengthsFinder online self-assessment (20 minutes). Designed to help you learn how to do more of what you naturally do best and help unlock your potential in every facet of life.

A peer debrief during the first module will provide a snapshot of the team’s collective strengths.

These will be a key source of learning during the programme, using a variety of methods including:
  • Tutor input
  • Video analysis
  • Case study review
  • Practical exercises and experiments
  • Structured debate
  • Group discussions
The style of these sessions will be energetic and interactive, building in frequent opportunities for personal reflection and for peer coaching.

After completing Modules 1, 3, and 5, delegates will engage in Action Learning Sets designed to synchronise thought and action. This transformative experience thrives on cultivating an open, inquisitive mindset—best achieved through active listening, thoughtful questioning, and the exploration of ideas. These sessions are an opportunity to harmonize thinking and action, fostering a dynamic blend that propels new leaders toward success.

Fostering Lasting Behavioural Change: The portal goes beyond traditional learning, championing the continuity of behavioural change. It serves as a dynamic hub for learners to share and delve into concentrated on-the-job experiences. Participants engage in a vibrant exchange of best practices, fostering reflection, collaboration, and networking, drawing inspiration from the impactful activities of their peers.

This on-the-job assisted learning ecosystem, seamlessly facilitated by the portal, redefines the educational landscape. By tapping into real-world experiences, it significantly diminishes the reliance on classroom time, offering a transformative approach that reduces the need for in-person sessions by up to 60%.

In embracing this innovative platform, not only do you enhance the value for money invested in learning but also cater to diverse learning styles. It’s a comprehensive solution that propels learners towards sustained growth while fostering a community where knowledge is not just acquired but actively shared and applied.

What our customers say đź’—

Effective Leadership
Effective Leadership
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"I have been on a lot of courses in my time and personally, I took on everything Ant was saying and could relate to it all. one of, if not the best training sessions I had been on in my 22 years of training."
Effective Leadership
Effective Leadership
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"Thanks again for the coaching masterclass, it was very valuable to me. I've kept some of the things we talked about in the front of my mind, particularly about approaching the role in a facilitative and almost consulting way. It seems to have worked and I am very happy in this space and in a completely different place mentally."
Effective Leadership
Effective Leadership
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"I love your platform - very easy to use, work through guided learning. It really does show how there is so much more for you as a learner alongside the face to face/online sessions."
Effective Leadership
Effective Leadership
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“An absolute breath of fresh air, the training you delivered was amazing! The honest conversations in a safe space were needed and appreciated.”

We’ve made the decision to fix our prices to support local businesses. You’ll see no increase in price from 2022.

Effective Leadership is for a maximum of 16 delegates (minimum 12) and starts at £16,075 +VAT  

  • 35 hours facilitated learning
  • 9 hours facilitated Action Learning
  • Gallup StrengthFinder Assessment
  • 12 months access to resources, tasks and community
  • Lifetime access to Passe-Partout alumni group

Make it stick

Learning is for life! Keep up the momentum!

Not only do you have a direct line to your facilitator throughout the programme via your online portal, this resource is available to you for the whole year. You also get lifetime access to our alumni group and an open invite to our regular 6 weekly leadership support circles. INCLUDED!


12 month access to all of the resources from your programme, including the community of peers. #NoGatekeeping!

Leadership Support Circles

Every 6 weeks we bring together leaders across the country for a free bitesize session. As alumni you can join anytime, from anywhere.


Get involved in pioneering research

You'll get opportunities to be a part of future and ongoing research we conduct and get first dibs on Whitepapers in your field.


Join the Passe-Partout alumni group for regular updates on the world of coaching and management.

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