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It’s a tough time to be an organisational leader or manager, having to mobilise your people at a time of relentless drama disruption.
Leading others can also be the most fulfilling experience our working life has to offer. Enabling teams to grow, innovate or even simply survive through pressure; building great systems, products and reputations – this is the impact leaders and managers can have when they maximise their talents.
Coaching has been one of the fastest growing development methods in recent years.
Through our network of 24 qualified and experienced coaches we provide coaching to satisfy every need in Executive, Management and Team coaching. Adding huge value for people and organisations through the latest innovations in coaching and mentoring, with new techniques for team coaching, micro coaching and reverse mentoring.

Passe-Partout’s Wellbeing offer has been in development since 1998 and delivered to over 5,000 employers.
We use emerging knowledge from the fields of applied psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics, with experience from the most pressurised frontline operations including the MOD, NHS Wellbeing Taskforce and the National Vaccine Deployment Programme.

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The programme’s framework has been developed to give participants a solid foundation in coaching knowledge, abilities, and experience, while also responding to a variety of learning requirements. 

Sticky Brain Learning stems from the idea that everyone can grow and succeed if they have a good understanding of their own mindset and motivation.

People are capable of developing their mental agility and resilience at any age.  The differences between those who do and those who don’t comes down to two simple factors: mindset and environment.

We work with individuals on mindset, and help employers to create the optimum environmental conditions.

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Our experienced facilitators use the latest research in psychology and neuroscience to help you navigate challenges and achieve goals beyond your wildest dreams.

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"Personal Best sessions came at the right time and gave me the inspiration and motivation to take the next steps to follow a goal and succeed as well as understanding myself along the way after dealing with mental health issues."
Personal Best, Graduate
"Thanks to you all at Passe-Partout for the great teaching sessions and more, over the past year - It was quite inspirational how yourselves incorporated your coaching and mentoring ethos unto all the sessions, the assessments and more. Truly walking the walk"
CMI Award Management Coaching & Mentoring, Graduate
"I really enjoyed my time with Alex. Sometimes when I thought I didn’t have time and was rushing to get tasks done, these sessions helped to give me focus and direction. Really Valuable."
Coaching client
"I have been on a lot of courses in my time and personally, i took on everything Ant was saying and could relate to it all. one of, if not the best training sessions I had been on in my 22 years of training."
Great Leaders Programme
"Thank you so much for facilitating an excellent coaching programme. I've learnt so much from the taught sessions, the discussions, action learning sets and opportunities to practice coaching. You have inspired me to continue this journey and it is now something that I feel may be a significant part of my future career (hopefully!)."
Senior Teaching Fellow, University of Greenwich
"I completed the ‘Wellbeing Conversation’ training with Ant and can honestly say it was the best wellbeing training I have ever attended. Ant was passionate about his subject, which in turn kept all attending engaged for the whole session. I would highly recommend this training to all, as I strongly believe it could help all on an individual and team level.” 
Wellbeing Conversations, Attendee
"As I said to you after the session Anthony, you have a fantastic energy that really travels through the virtual world of teams which really impacts the people on the session as you connect with everyone. That was a great takeaway for me...your positive energy and how you made people smile and feel an equal part of the group."
Leadership training delegate