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Personal Best Leaders (PBL) has a big ambition – it’s a learning programme which sets out to help people change their lives for the better. Drawing on current evidence from neuro and behavioural science, PBL provides a highly interactive and practical space for people to experiment with ways of transforming an important aspect of their work or life outside work. The focus is up to the learner. PBL just provides them with the support, tools and time to make the change.

Since 2015 over 3000 people have experienced the programme and achieved spectacular results in work projects, personal wellbeing, family relationships and inner confidence.

For its first few years Personal Best focused exclusively on non-managers and was intended to provide leadership quality learning for front-line and back-office employees. However, continual feedback has shown a real appetite amongst leaders and managers for a similar kind of learning, and so 2019 has seen the launch of Personal Best for Leaders.

This programme offers leaders and managers the Personal Best experience, as well as enabling them to tackle the following role-critical challenges;

  • Leading in a context of continual change
  • Applying the insights now available from the worlds of social neuroscience and behavioural economics
  • Developing the mindset and abilities to work effectively across boundaries
  • Creating environments conducive for sustained high performance

The PBL Journey

As a PBL participant, the journey starts with a half-day induction session, and progresses clockwise from there, taking in four interactive workshops, interspersed by three online action learning sets.

These icons denote elements of the programme that will run all the way through

The Leadership Challenge

The Leadership Challenge

Bringing you together with up to five colleagues to plan and deliver a culture change project

Personal Best Portal

The Portal

Your go-to source for learning materials, links and connection to everyone involved with the programme

Peer Coaching

Peer Coaching

You will be paired with a colleague throughout the programme to support and challenge each other’s learning

One Day Workshops

These sessions will bring together the whole group for a day of collective learning, using practical activities and experiments, interactive quizzes, self-assessments, digests of current thinking and research evidence, case examples and video analysis.

Action Learning

In between workshops, the online action learning sessions will help to ensure momentum, with an opportunity to explore ambiguities or blockages.

The classic model tends to bring together a set of between six and ten people to spend time exploring shared challenges. Set meetings typically last two or three hours and follow a consistent process (like the one opposite) to work on these action learning problems.

Breakthrough Goal

Alongside the collective action undertaken with colleagues in your project team, PBL is also designed to help you make a personal breakthrough in any aspect of your work or life outside work.

Your breakthrough goal will relate to something that:

  • matters to you
  • will make a difference to your life (in or out of work) …
  • …and is probably something important to others who      know you well.

Peer Coaching

Peer coaching is an effective technique for tapping into this phenomenon and will be an integral part of your PB Leader experience with time set aside for 1:1 work with a colleague in each session.

Personal Best Portal

Personal Best Portal

Last but not least of the elements in the PBL formula is an online portal which will become your go-to place for materials, updates and communication throughout the programme.

What our clients say about us

"Personal Best sessions came at the right time and gave me the inspiration and motivation to take the next steps to follow a goal and succeed as well as understanding myself along the way after dealing with mental health issues."

Personal Best, Graduate- Developer


The cost of this qualification is £10,000 plus VAT (based on a cohort of 12 delegates).

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