In times of turmoil, great line management is key

We have all been on a vertiginous learning curve in the last two years, yet one of my own big takeaways has been a reinforcement of something I knew already – that great Leadership at all levels makes a huge difference in challenging times. People-centred, compassionate leadership is what we need right now!

So we’d like to tell you about our People Power Programme (previously Line Manager Development Programme). We’ve been delivering it since 2016 to the two largest NHS employers, training over 4000 people managers both virtually and face to face.    

The results have been eye-opening.  Here are some headlines:

  • 95% of line managers highly rate the programme for those of their direct reports who have attended to date
  • 88% of delegate sponsors have seen improved capability in their direct report
  • 85% of delegates feel they have gained enhanced compassion and inclusivity
  • In the post-programme 360ﹾ review there are positive increases in every behavioural competency
  • 91% of delegates would recommend PPP to others

What's different about the People Power Programme

  • Evidence based content
  • Focus on live, current management challenges
  • Multi-dimensional personal insight through 360ﹾ feedback plus self-assessment of strengths, EQ and resilience
  • Collaborative and scenario-based learning
  • Cost-effective coaching support through action learning and structured peer support.

With over 4000 participants to date, this has to be one of the UK’s most thoroughly tested substantive management development programmes, proven with an audience which has experienced unprecedented challenge and disruption in recent years.

If you would like to discuss how People Power might work for your organisation, please get in touch.